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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  December 3, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PST

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figuring out ways to tip the delivery man. and here is an inquisitive sea eagle who has sticky hands stealing a park ranger's video camera. the camera was discovered 70 miles away from its original location in tact. they got to see a true bird's eye view complete with a selfie. >> and i'm ron burgundy. thanks for joining us tonight. >> and willer er ier i ferrell burgundy. >> it's not too often you can call a sheriff's deputy a dumby and get away with it. i have. >> television screens in north dakota north dakota provided the
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perfect warm up. ron seemed to have trouble staying out of shot and staying professional. >> are you married? >> no. >> well, i am so don't get any ideas. >> but he wasn't the one struggling to stay in character. >> what? >> man. >> come again? >> thank you for watching abc news. world news now is coming up soon with overnight breaking news. as always we're online at abc good night.
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>> tonight the temperatures are dropping around the bay area. leif look from walnut correct where right now the it's 49 degrees on the bank thermometer app clock. this is going to see him balmy compared to the freezing weather on the way. 50 degrees. we are at the beginning of a cold snap that could bring some record lows to spots around the bay area. ge. >> sandhya is tracking the cold weather moving that the bay area and the potential for rain with live doppler 7hd. >> sand why. >> yes. that cold blast of air is going to send temperatures into sub freezing territory. let's look at live doppler 7hd right now some clouds around a little drizzle around sfo. could still see isolated shower or 2 but really what we are concerned about is the freezing cold conditions. freeze watch for the north bay straits and delta tuesday night into wednesday morning you know you want to protect sensitive plant. exposed pipes. don't forget about the pet and freeze
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watch expands to all parts of the bay area except san francisco. wednesday night into thursday morning definitely an increase risk of hypothermia when you take a lack at the origin of this cold air mass. it's coming from can. look at the current temperatures right now. 7 degrees williams lake. vancouver 32. that cold blast working its way towards us. i'll be back with closer look at the coldest night coming up. >> thanks. now the cold weather has people around the bay area preparing tonight. nursery in the east bay are advising people to protect their plants before the sub freezing temperatures hit. wrapping the plants or spraying a frost protection product will help insulate them. >> warming shelters are opening up throughout the bay area. 3 shelters in the south pay opened this evening providing 275 beds without a warm place to sleep. those shelters located in san jose, sunnyvale and gilroy. >> developing news tonight about a missing bay area family lost in the idaho wilderness after thanksgiving weekend with relevant testifies. the small
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plane took off from baker city, oregon yesterday afternoon bound for butte montana but the pilot called air traffic control reporting engine problems and asked to land his plane at remote airstrip now nobody can find him. cornell live at the church where the pilot was an active member apparently. cornell? >> that's right dale smith and family long time members of this mormon church in south san jose. tonight the congregation is praying all will be found safe. fichlt there is anyone able to survive difficult situation it would be dale. >>reporter: san jose mr. monbishop jed is praying his friend dale smith and his family are found safe. smith single engine beach bonanza disappeareack back country sunday. plane was carrying 5 family members from oregon to butte, montana a.pilot reported engine troubl trouble. asked controllers in salt lake city for coordinate
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to the johnson creek airstrip. but the plane never landed. >> we have done a ping on the cell phone and we have narrowed it down to 4 or 5 square mile area we are searching right no now. >> he's ceo of software maker flying small planes longer than anyone can remember. >> avenues really good pilot so ibe surprised if anything happened. maybe he run in some bad weather or something. >> we are a little bit worry. >> she flu to utah with smith in october and recalls how safety conscious he was. >> he's an engineer brain and he he's very meticulous b. bb doing all that. he's me particular us in all the things he does. so he's a good guy. >>reporter: but most know dale smith as family man with a strong connection to his community and his mormon faith. >> when there was hurricane katrina dale was the f get to get in his plane grab a bunch of members of the church and go out and help. >>reporter: dale smith south san jose home is quiet.
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mailbox full. many hope this family can find their way back home. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> sobering statistics in san jose. twice as many pedestrians have been killed this year compared to last. tonight rest didn't from the washington neighborhood held vigil in their honest. people gather at the corner of oak and vine street where 3-year-old boy was killed last week. his funeral will take place wednesday in salinas. group is calling on the city to make im practice. to the traffic enforcement. 24 pedestrians have been killed in san jose this year. >> mean time the search is on tonight for teenager who escape from juvenile hall. 17-year-old is missing from san francisco's juvenile justice center that's ond with side avenue off portola drive near laguna honda hospital. right now police are searching the entire area. no further information is being released but they are out there>> >> vicious school fit caught on cell phone camera prompted west
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contra costa county school district to call an emergency meeting tonight. one of those involved in the fight with transgender student who says she's being harassed. allen is live at the middle school in rich mopped where the meeting tack place. allen? >>reporter: yes. the school board finished up here about 2 hours ago and they say they have to adopt a whole new set of guidelines for bullying and sexual harassment and they will hire somebody to administer it. tonight they heard from parents. community members. and surprise speaker. the transgender student who explained why she fought back. >> it was buildup after buildup buildup and nobody there was to help me. >>reporter: 16-year-old julia says the girl she was assigned to sit next to spit gum on her. called her names. and physically threatened her because julia is transgender. >> then she comes back in the room i feel like punching you in your face. >>reporter: after rae peteed harassment julia says she finally snapped. this fight at
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hercules high school got her and 3 girls she fought suspended for several days. julia complained but administrators didn't realize the accident of the problem. >> and came to a point where i wanted to hurt lake physically hurt myself. >>reporter: tonight the west contra costa couldn't school district called this emergency board meeting after parents complained it hasn't done enough to stop the bullying. >> i as board member take responsibility for that. >>reporter: ask board member charles ramsey says he was alarmed to find out the district sexual harassment training guide line adopted in 2008 were never fully implemented district wide. >> it's a big problem when we don't have a way to point to parents and people what superintendent supposed to do administratively sexual harassment occurs. >>reporter: ramsey says the district slow action makes it vulnerable to lawsuit and critical the board adopt a new administrative policy on sexual
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harassment within 30 to 45 da days. in richmond, allen, abc 7 news. >> berkeley teenager set on fire on bus returned to school today for the first time since it happened. sasha fleishman arrived back at the hay school this morning. last month police say another teenager set sasha skirt on fire on ac transit bus. causing second third degree burns. prosecutors call it a hate crime. sasha's mom says it's been a long 4 weeks of recover recovery. >> they are very excited. since that's what he has missed most going to school. being at school with his friends and going classes. with their friends and going to classes. >>reporter: later this month the judge is expected to decide whether 16-year-old suspect will be charged as an adult. sasha believes he should be charged as a juvenile. shark attacked killed a man fishing from his kayak in hawaii today. happened in
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south west maui this morning. the tourist from washington was dangling his feet in the water from that kayak when the shark came up from below and attacke attacked. friend grabbed the victim's kayak and pulled him toward the first boat he saw. person in that both said he gnaw almost medley the man was dead. >> and we saw as he got closer that there was a body in the second kayak. we got closer we saw that there was his if the was missing and his leg was pretty shredded. >>reporter: this is the 13th shark incident reported this year in hawaii. state average about his 4 a year. >> new details tonight in the death of actor paul walker in southern california. there are reports that speed and human error are the likely cause of saturday crash that killed the fast and furious star and his friend who was behind the wheel race car driver. walker fans continue to gather at the crash site about 30 miles north west of los angeles. now cecelia
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has the very latest on the l investigation on "nightline"coming up at 12:37 tonight writ after "jimmy kimmel live". >> incredible story of survival next on 7 news. man found alive trapped in sunken ship on the ocean floor after three days. video to see to believe. >> treatment once reserved for sports superstar now being used to treat hair loss. so is it a fad or real fix? why your own blood could be the key. >> and post baby body bragging why this picture is causing internet uproar [[man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby!
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>> federal authorities say new york train that jumped the tracks was going at a speed nearly three times as fast as it should have been. it crashed yesterday morning in the bronx. 4 people were killed. more than 60 injured. today authorities checked the train data recorders saying it was going 82 miles an hour on 30 miles per hour turn. too too fast. conductor was injured in the crash and is cooperating with the investigation. >> men time this is really unbelievable. shock for rescue crew who thought they were on recovery mission looking for bodies after tugboat capsized watch what happened. >> all right. you found one. he's alive he's alive. >> can you believe it. you tube video. seeing the out stretched hand there of the sole survivor reaching for divers. tugboat chef survived 62 hours, 100 feet under world trade center off the coast of
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nigeria back in may but posted. he managed to find an air pocket and the only member of the crew to survive. >> p.r. p has grown in popularity as a way to speed healing. famous athlete including tiger woods used it now a new possibility. using the plasma the plasma to promote hair growth. terri lee in her 60's. she's kept herself in great shape but for the last several years she's noticed a change she has been unable to control. the steady loss of her hair. >> i notice tremendous change evenen using the topical and the lotion and potion it was getting increasingly thirp. >> after trying products she decided to under good a new a ut derived from her own body. revived immediate spa in millbrae the doctor take as sample of her blood then spin it in to extract platelet rich plasma or p.r. p what we are
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hoping for with the p.r. p is to provide a patient with their own pro factor from the platelet. these growth factor will stimulate hair growth and decrease the loss of hair. >>reporter: after removing the concentrated plasma the doctor injects it correctly into her scalp. she's used the technique to treat both men and women with early signs of success. >> particularly for what we call the female or male pattern baldness which is the front of the hair or the front of the head or the crown. those are the areas that i have seen the greatest success with. >>reporter: interest in p.r. p accelerate enteredars includit years including the treatment of tiger woods knee injury to use as facial filler. some researchers believe p.r. p releases growth of coursetor like stem cell therapy to promote healing but the benefit for hair loss being debated. vick says there's only one minimal research with just one small area pine study finding
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an apparent benefit. >> but there aren't any controlled long-term clinical trial on the use of this as stand alone treatment for hair loss. encouraging are encouraging. e before and after photo of male patients show apparent chickening of the hair in the front and crown and while those im practice. not confirmed by clinical hair count patients lake terri believe they are seeing benefits. >> after about a week or two i notice the area on my temperature nationally were really getting very bare started to not seem so thin. >>reporter: but keep in mind it's not cheap. cost range from 900 dollars for single treatment the to 2500 dollars for set of 3 treatments. p.r. p also used in conjunction with hair transplant procedures but also no long-term research proving that it works either. >> well a woman showing off her tone thin body just days after giving birth is creating on
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line up roar. norwegian fitness blogger caroline bird erickson posted this picture of herself three days apparently after she had a baby. photo getting a lot of response on social media special freely mom who say women already face a lot of scrutiny about the post baby bodies. this is erickson when she was 38 weeks pregnant. she just wanted to proof people wrong who told her her body would never be the same after giving birth. >> this holiday season we team up with our local feeding america food bank. you can help just go to the facebook page here and take the pledge to give where you live. with each pledge we donate 1 dollar in your honor to the bay area feeding america food banks. up to 75,000. good deed could be rewarded as well. everyone will be entered to win 7000 dollar cash. the winner announced on december 19 so spread the love and help us give where you live. >> fabulous we'll be out
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broadcasting leif tomorrow. raising food donation. a little chilly tomorrow. sandhya with what to expect this week. >> yes. we are expecting much cooler weather and as a matter of fact morning you will feel a winter like chill. live doppler 7hd right now showing you just some clouds around. we have a little bit of drizzle showing up. our radar is tracking some snow beginning to cross 80 right now but if the rain snow mix to the north winter weather advisory up for the sierra nevada beginning at 4 a.m. tomorrow running until 4:00 p.m. expecting 4 to siption inches above 6000 feet and all you snow lovers up to continue inches possible above 7000 feet. this is cold stovrment you are going to feel it. sfo camera showing you the drop on the lens writ now it's drizzling there. might encounter delay out flying out tomorrow morning. temperatures quite comfortable so don't get too used to this. it's going to be freezing cold coming up. temperatures in the 50's. san jose 53 degrees and look at the
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view from the emeryville camera. few clouds around. mid 50's same thing for novato livermore and from the roof cam are lookin look looking good. isolated showers are possible tonight. freezing cold wednesday and thursday morning and much cooler afternoon ahead. get ready to pull out heavy winter coat. look at the numbers coming up here. partly cloudy tomorrow morning not terribly cold still cloud cover. coldest air hit between tuesday night wednesday morning bay first. bay first. inland spots down to the mid 20's on average. bay coast mid 30's and take a look at the wide spread freeze we expect on thursday. temperatures as low as the low 20's we could be talking about record low temperatures coming up here so than aware of the fact that it gition to be definitely a bigger change coming up. slate chance of showers overnight with the cold front but it's a blast of cold air we are watching. much colder weather coming in with this front and that means scarves gloves boots
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might be good idea. >> isolated shower or 2 not out of the question 2:00 a.m. south bay could be getting a li du wet but du wet but duringe morning commute look at cloud and they will clear away by the afternoon hours. plenty of sun but not going to feel like december, feel more like january. look at the temperature trend for santa rosa. tomorrow morning 41. sharp plunge wednesday thursday down to the 20's. sub freezing temperature. ice cold but not tomorrow morning you have one more day. low 40's to low 50's tomorrow morning with possible wet road wait a minute afternoon temperatures only in the 50's it's breezy and my colleagues spencer will be in ville tomorrow to connect off holiday fad drive. give where you live that's chilly but won't stop him. brave the chill and i will fill in for him when you look at the forecast. thursday morning for most of the bay area chances of rain friday into saturday sunday into monday so we are
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really switching over to winter it looks like in the 7 day forecast. >> switch getting switched>> thk >> thank you. >> monday night football and wasn't even close. >> she was in for larry tonight. >> coming to town next week. seattle with the team to wit be man handle the sites. face the r face the niners. high 7 davis. >> turn about davis hurdling. >> turn about davis hurdling. >> find out next in sports [ ding ] cheese plate? cheese plate. no, i made something better. you used the oven? boom. [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. make the holidays pop. ♪
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hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios? love 'em. neat! now you on the other hand... you need some help. why? look atchya. what is that? you mean my honey wand? [ shouting ] [ splat ] come on. matter of fact. [ rustling ] shirt. shoes. shades. ah! wow! now that voice... my voice? [ auto-tuned ] what's wrong with my voice? yeah man, bee got swag! be happy! be healthy! that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet. ♪ hey! must be the honey! >> if there was any question
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who the top dog in the nfc is it was answered tonight in seattle. they man handle the saints. sunday against the 49ers. seattle not lost at home in 14 games dating back to last year. about to do so monday night drew in the pocket ball knocked loose that th arms of bennett. goes 22 yard yards. 10 nothing seahawks made way through the first quarter. still in the first. wilson find former raider miller. seahawks lead 27-7 at the half. will son threw for 310 yards. 3 td when you win things going your way seahawks first team to clinch a play off spot. 11-1. 49ers hosting seahawks on sunday and play the best game to inwith. yesterday forty-niner tight end dave history 4 catch 2 hurdle and one touch down. today the coach was asked if he was concerned about vernon hurdling over defender. >> like could you tell michael jordon not to take off from the
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free throw line and i doubt phil jackson of had that conversation. these guys are pro football players they do what they do. some cases they do it only they can do love watching them compete on sunda sunday. >> arizona state saturday winner to pasadena. asu head coach graham named pack 12 coach of the year today. looking for second straight appearance in the rose bowl and big reason why is tyler. he rushed for 1485 yards. 17 td. this after missing last year while he played minor league baseball. great ending for the senior at stanford. >> i have never been to the rose bowl so this is i was a fanny watched it looked like incredible place to play to be a part of that. the fan was unreal. i can't wait. not to speak ahead but i would love to be a part of that.
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>> new head football coach here andreplaces him after assistant job with the trojan. former assistant spent last 5 years in washington where he had a 34-21 record including 8 and 4 this soap. >> college hoop. cal hosted uc irvine. wallace. finish was hunk dunk worth another look. just ridiculous. cal led by 17 at the half. then in the second. bird serious air for the one handed finish. had 14 but david led the way with 19 points 10 board a little awkward but goes in cal wins 7 73-56. >> we'll be ready
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pillsbury cookie dough. >> here's a look at the weathe weather. cool in the morning. spotty drizzle 40's, 50's. we start at 4:30 continuing until 7:00 a.m. >> excellent sandhya thank you. >> it's the holiday tradition children sending wish list to santa clause. >> but kids these day have never lived a day without the i hope net and internet shopping of course. >> case in point the letter to the north pole starts out like every other letter dear santa how are you i'm good. here's what i want for christmas and unique turn. listing amazo web address with link to toy car. >> modern new age. how it's done. yes. >> thanks we all have our little tricks. mom swaps one of my snacks for a yoplait. i don't mind, i mean it's orange crème. and when mom said bobby was too edgy... 'sup girl. i just swapped him out for tyler. 'sup girl. mom never questioned bobby again.
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